Making a Difference in Your Business

iraLogix was founded on the principal that we, as an industry, need to do a better job of presenting efficient, flexible, professional IRA solutions. That means being highly responsive to changing business and regulatory requirements. Our solutions can make a real difference in your business. 


Addressing the Fiduciary and Regulatory Environment

Manage your fiduciary liability and lower costs at the same time.

Let iraLogix help you navigate the evolving regulatory environment, while updating and expanding your IRA offerings. We can help you reduce your costs and expand your IRA business - profitably.

  • Our technology enables you to more easily comply with regulatory change without impacting current systems and processes.

Capturing IRA Rollovers

Increase retention rates and client focus without added cost.

Redefine your IRA market focus and your minimum account size strategy and still say yes to every client, regardless of account size. Our advanced technology delivers the efficiency and scale to change the equation in your favor.

  • Make capturing rollovers seamless
  • By integrating with your recordkeeping platform, the rollover process becomes a quick, paperless process that helps retain clients.



Employer-sponsored IRA Plans

Rapid growth in small business and State mandated IRA plans is happening now. Are you ready?

With State mandated access to Employer sponsored IRA plans moving forward quickly, there is a unique opportunity at hand. Are you well positioned to capture your share? Our solutions will put you in position to compete in this rapidly growing area of the IRA market.

  • 1 of 2 workers in the US has no access to a retirement plan through their employer.
  • We provide a custom suite of employer-sponsored IRA programs to take advantage of this untapped market.

State-mandated IRA Plans

State mandated access to Employer sponsored IRA plans is a reality. What now?

More than half the States have already begun to enact some form of mandated access to Employer-sponsored IRA plans with business requirements that vary from state to state. As a national provider of IRA solutions with deep DOL and regulatory expertise, we can help you present flexible, competitive products to capture opportunities in this high growth market segment.

  • Whether it be an employer-sponsored IRA plan or an exchange driven environment, be in position to take advantage of this growing market.



Simplifying automatic and small balance IRAs

Take control of your Automatic and small balance IRA clients, efficiently and easily.

Smaller balance, Automatic IRAs are everywhere, yet most companies haven’t been successful serving these clients effectively. We make it easy for you to outsource the servicing component while retaining account ownership and opportunities to generate new revenue.

  • Transform low balance accounts into more desirable customers.
  • Create an easily managed solution that allows you to gain institutional efficiencies on even the smallest of accounts.

IRA distribution strategy

Is your distribution strategy working as well as you would like? Want more IRA clients?

Leverage iraLogix’s deep, real world expertise and evolve your IRA distribution strategy. Whatever your current service gaps may be, we can help you go to market with solutions that meet the needs of every market segment.

  • Take advantage of our market intelligence and consulting capabilities to help you refine and evolve your approach.
  • With the right support and strategy, you can expand your reach all areas of the IRA business.


We invite you to discuss how we can make a difference in your business.